The Northern California Pirate Festival

The Northern Pirate is one of the largest and exceptional festivals in California. In fact, it features stages and streets grouping with Black Powder Canons, British Naval Officers, Colorful Sea Folk, Swimming Mermaids, Unique Shopping, Marauding Pirate Encampments, and a well-structured Children’s area with about a thirty-foot slide, school of piracy, Costume Contest, Treasure Hunts, and Zip Line. Even better, the Northern California Pirate Festival is excited to bring you the unsurpassed nautical and pirate entertainers that you cannot find anywhere else. Majority of these are from the larger San Francisco Bay Area. Also, there will be special guests from across the world will attend. The entertainment schedule includes performers listed on three stages, which are a Mermaid Lagoon, roving entrainment, Sword fighting and pirate’s brawling. It is important to note that the festival is family affable during the day and a loud party at night if you keep on exploring you will find ship rosters of maps, schedules, and entertainers. Here are some of the activities that you will see for everyone ready to attend this year’s festival.

Wee Pirates

Wee PiratesThe Wee Pirates is for the youthful and young at heart. The fantastic thing about the Northern California Pirate Festival is that is has something special for everybody. You only need to come ready for fun as there are pirate vittles, dedicated entertainment, contests, and rides for all ages. This festival also boasts of dedicated and well-designed children playing area that is full of good time, fun, and all kinds of foods. One exceptional feature of this festival is that is designed with families in mind come all and has fun on the seafront of Vallejo.

Fine Wares

Take a quick look at this Amazing Marketplace. The vendors are the best in their business and the most excellent in pirate swag. The Pirate festival also boasts of a confederacy of merchants and artisans, which are chosen for the quality and excellence in craftsmanship together with exceptionality of the wares.

After Hours Tomfoolery

The Plank Owners ClubDo you know we are all behaved privateers during the daytime? However, when the dark is approaching the pirates are free to play and have fun. Therefore, if you are eighteen and over, there is a package for you that you will enjoy after the party that is full of Burlesque and Pirate Rock.

The Plank Owners Club

The Plank Owners Club will be available during the Northern California Pirate Festival, which is a unique sponsorship group available to people who are ready to help during the festival. The club will also teach people to have some incredible pirate perks.

In conclusion, every year, the Northern California Pirate Festival attempts to exhibit a boon and a windfall to the community. Even better, a lot will be promoted in this year’s festival such as artistic place, and the North Bay Humane Society. Click our Website for more information. Also stop by and enjoy the Northern California Pirate Festival for it only comes once in a year. You will not regret attending this year’s Northern California Pirate Festival, and the memories will linger for long in your mind.